At OHM Power Solutions, we specialize in complete power and thermal management solutions, including a range of custom and modified power supplies and converters.

All our products are built to meet our customers’ requirements and exacting specifications. With an industry-leading product line and comprehensive service, we provide our customers with a convenient one-stop shop for all their power needs.

With decades of power supply engineering experience, our engineers proudly hold a number of patents and innovations. We configure custom power supply solutions from the ground up and carefully map out the exacting assembly process. The product-assembly facility operates in close collaboration with our designers and engineers, following the highest quality (AS9100 and ISOstandards during the assembly and testing.

We offer you decades of our Power Supply Design experience. We can become an extension of your design team and offer solutions on placement, power and cost efficiency, topologies, performance characteristics, environmental stress screening, thermal management, reliability metrics, and EMI performance.

We stand ready to assist you in designing power supplies that meet your needs, no matter how complex the project is. OHM is your partner for fast, affordable design and assembly of power supplies for military and industrial systems.