Our modern manufacturing facility is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, within minutes from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Airports. Spacious offices for our engineering staff and a large manufacturing floor - all housed under the air-conditioning - contribute to our employees’ happiness and comfort.

OHM Power Solutions manufacturing facility



Modern workstations

Quality and Compliance

At OHM Americas, we have developed a vast network of reliable US suppliers. We established a continuous inspection and verification of each process’s input and output administered directly by our assemblers, testers, and the Quality Manager. Counterfeit Prevention Procedures and Traceability of parts and components to their original or authorized manufacturers are at the core of our quality system and purchasing process.

We maintain compliance with Defense Security Cooperation Agency DSCA (FMF) requirements, GAAP, and ITAR requirements.

Employee Certifications

All production personnel are trained and certified to IPC standards. OHM Power Solutions is one of the few companies that maintains IPC trainer on-staff.

*Note: We trained our personnel; however, the certification is pending for the Certification Authority to implement the testing procedures and the program.

FMF program

With our FMF experience making Power Supplies and Power Converters for Israel's top military needs in the USA, we can design or build-to-print any system for your company. Among our customers are Elta, Elbit, Rafael and IAI.

OHM Power Solutions OHM Power Solutions


Quality Control and Certifications

We are an AS9100 and ISO9000 certified company.

Our quality policy is to meet costumer requirements and continually improve our Quality Managment System effectiveness.

At OHM Americas, we developed a vast network of reliavle US supploes through continuous, multi-tiered inspection and monitoring processes administered by our Quality Engineers and Quality Assurance Manager.

We maintain compliance with Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) FMF requirements, as well as US GAAP, and ITAR requirements.

Within our partner program, we have the following testing capabiliteis:

Employee Certifications

All production personnel are trained and certified to IPC standards. OHM Americas is one of the few companiew that maintains IPC trainer on-staff.

Samples of our products

We specialize in complete power and thermal management solutions, including a range of custom and modified power supplies.

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Satisfied customers are the key to our success. We carefully consider every detail of your specifications. Size, precision output, temperature, vibration, elevation, and mechanical accuracy are completed to exacting specifications. Nothing ignored – everything considered.

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